Viveroo USA FAQ

What is Viveroo?

Viveroo is a global technology enterprise, based in Germany, which produces innovative iPad® mount and iPad® docking control centers for the rapidly growing end-user markets. 

Who are viveroo’s typical customers?

Viveroo products offer an endless range of possibilities. Typical end-users for the range of Viveroo products would include members of the healthcare, hospitality, architecture and design, contracting, construction, automotive, sales, and furniture industries, as well as private home-owners. 

What are viveroo’s typical applications?

Viveroo products offer endless solutions for many applications. All of our iPad® Mounts and Docking Solutions are great in a business setting for room scheduling, conference room, boardroom applications, and more. In the healthcare industry, iPads® can be securely mounted in-wall for patient check-in. The hospitality industry utilizes our products for room scheduling and in-room control of many things like lights, sound and temperature control. The Free is a great option for smart home applications. 

Where are the Viveroo iPad® Mount and Docking Solution products produced?

Viveroo has their own production factory in Salzkotten, Germany, which focuses on all aspects of assembly. All suppliers are based in Germany or Austria.

What are the guarantee conditions?

All of Viveroo's mechanical systems come with a 2 year guarantee. Details and conditions can be viewed below.

Is the iPad® charged while docked in viveroo products?

The iPad® is constantly being charged while docked in any Viveroo iPad® mount or command center. We use a special system with the original Apple Lightning® connector, which was developed for continuous use and is passively cooled.

Is the the iPad® removable?

The iPad® storage drawer in the Loop iPad® Mount and Square iPad® Mount can be opened mechanically at the push of a button for easy removal of the iPad. The iPad can be removed with one hand from the Viveroo Free. An optional locking system protects the iPad® from theft (see next question.)

Can viveroo products be locked so that the iPad® is theft-proof?

The iPad® can be protected in the Loop and Square via an anti-theft app. Developed especially for Viveroo products, the app communicates with the command center via Bluetooth®, and prevents any unauthorized opening of the iPad® storage drawer. The Viveroo Free is opened mechanically using a cylinder lock and key.

Can the iPad® be rotated in all viveroo solutions?

The Viveroo Loop can be rotated 90°, from vertical to horizontal. The Viveroo Square and Free are fix-mounted, either vertically or horizontally. The Loop Table can be rotated to a full 360°, when mounted flush to the surface.

How do the Soft-Close and Soft-Open mechanisms work?

Integrated spring-damper systems ensure perfect, smooth rotation, and easy opening of the iPad® drawer.

Is there a safety latch for the home button?

There is no extra safety latch for the iPad® home button. The operating system already has an integrated solution to prevent unwanted access.

Which iPad® generations are supported?

- Loop is available for the iPad® 2, 3, and 4 as well as Air, Air 2 and Pro 9.7”

- Square is available for iPad® Air, Air 2 and Pro 9.7”

- Free is available for iPad® Pro 9.7” and 12.9” as well as Air, Air 2 and Mini 4

The Viveroo iPad® Mounts and Docking Solutions are specifically designed to cost-effectively adapt to future iPad® generations (see next question below). 

What options are there if the iPad® measurements change?

Viveroo products are designed for longevity and continuity. The construction of the Loop and Square is based on layer architecture, with only a few steps necessary to interchange various parts. The base of the product remains securely mounted, while the interior housing can be switched out to accommodate new models, up to 10 inches.

What design covers are available?

Viveroo products were designed to unite Viveroo and the style of the Apple iPad®. Only the best quality materials are used. Classic glass covers are available in black or white. The aluminium covers with various surfaces, are timeless and sophisticated. Customized covers, made with materials such as ceramic or gold, can also be designed to suit individual needs.

Can the design cover be replaced after installation?

The design cover can be replaced after installation with only a few steps, making it easy to change the appearance of the command center.

How can Viveroo products be installed?

Viveroo iPad® Mounts and Docking Solutions can be seamlessly integrated in walls and in furniture, such as tables. There are three different ways of installation:

Installation in drywall, concrete, or hollow walls, including concealed cavity wall socket for Loop and Square: The cover protrudes approximately 0.35 inches or less from the wall, comparable to a light switch. On-wall profiles, which are optionally available, guarantee frameless, flush mounted installation. 

Installation in furniture, without concealed cavity wall socket for Loop and Square: Grooved milling enables flush mounting.

Installation on-wall: The on-wall frame mounting set. Viveroo Free is always mounted on-wall.

What is the difference between the In-wall Mounting-Set and the on-wall "flush mount“ mounting systems?

The Inwall MountingSet, comprised of a concealed cavity wall socket and power supply unit, is the basis for the installation of Viveroo command centers in dry walls, concrete walls and hollow walls. Installed, the cover protrudes approximately 0.35 inches from the wall surface. The optional flush mount enables frameless, flush-mounted installation.

The Onwall MountingSet contains an on-wall profile, which is placed on the wall socket fully surrounding the 9mm cover. After the wall is plastered, the Viveroo product is perfectly flush with the wall.

Is any additional installation material needed?

No. Everything you need to mount and power your product is included when you place your order. Each installation option includes an individual MountingSet, made up of concealed cavity wall socket (as necessary), power supply unit, and mounting material. 

If you have a specific application not requiring the MountingSet or power supply, please contact us to properly specify your order. 

What is the installation depth of viveroo products?

Loop: with concealed cavity wall socket: 2.6 inches , without concealed cavity wall socket: 1.18 inches.

Square: with concealed cavity wall socket: 2.99 inches, without concealed cavity wall socket: 1.14 inches.

Free: Viveroo Free is installed on-wall. The concealed cavity wall socket which is supplied for the power supply unit has a depth of 2.5 inches.

Can viveroo products also be installed on-wall?

Viveroo Free is mounted on-wall. We offer a frame for the Loop that allows the product to be hung on the wall, similar to a picture frame. The frame can be color-customized, using any RAL color. On request, we will happily supply technical drawings and details for the production of personal frames. A concealed cavity wall socket is needed for the power supply unit for Viveroo Free and Loop on-wall.

How is the power supply solved?

Viveroo provides a corresponding 12Vdc power supply for every product. The customer supplies 230Vac.

What is the smartbox?

The concealed cavity wall sockets for Loop and Square are also available as a smartbox. The smartbox provides room for all the components necessary for smart home technology, such as servers, gateways, and additional radio control systems like a WLAN access points. The smartbox makes a smart home tangible.

Are viveroo command centers connected to Ethernet/LAN?

Yes, a cable connection to the home network is optionally available. An adapter in the concealed cavity wall socket enables the connection. As soon as the iPad® is docked in the Viveroo command center, it is charged and connected to the network.

How are viveroo products sold?

Viveroo iPad® Mount and Docking Solution Command Centers are available from numerous electrical installation wholesalers. Only Viveroo follows the three level strategy, and offers professional products especially for specialty businesses. Speak with us, we will be happy to put you in touch with a nearby retailer. In addition, we work with well-known distributors. Let us know your location and we will gladly organize a presentation for you.

Why does viveroo offer solutions only for the Apple iPad®?

Viveroo places the same high expectations on the design and quality of their products as Apple. Additionally, the iPad® is preferred for more than 90% of commercial applications. Apple, in contrast to other tablet manufacturers, follows clear formats for connectors and displays. Product variation is limited, which is why the Viveroo Loop and Square cover all current and expected iPad® generations.


iPad® is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.